Data 2030: Presenting the Data Masters methodology in the Nordics

“Enabling employees to use and leverage data autonomously is one of the most important aspects of being a competitive company in today’s market landscape. However, this is never a technical plug-and-play solution, but a process in which the organization should properly manage the change, sometimes alter the organizational structure and focus on the proper education and mindset shift of the employees”, says Data Masters CEO Filip Petrovski, talking about last months’ data and innovation event  “Data 2030 Summit and NDSML Summit” in Stockholm. Organized by,  a team from Data Masters attended with active presentations of our capabilities and expertise. 

The unique three-day event, split by an amazing party in between, brought together a diverse group of data professionals and experts from various industries, discussing the latest trends, innovations, and data strategies.   

Presentations, thought-provoking roundtable discussions, networking – that’s how our event started, being part of the community that sheds light on the latest Data and AI innovations. It must be said that one of the most interesting aspects of Data 2030 was the roundtable discussions and getting into the topic we’re experts in – the implementation of Self-Service analytics and the managerial challenges that come with it.  

As a data architect himself, Filip says that this was a great opportunity to share his ideas, challenges, and knowledge, surrounded by people sharing the same passion and enthusiasm for the topic.  


Filip adds that “hearing from representatives and experts that are in the Nordic market broadens up his perspective and understanding of Self-Service analytics, especially from the attendees that had previously been part of this transformation in a company, on a certain level”.