Data Masters celebrates its 4th anniversary: The company is heading towards international expansion


Data Masters is celebrating a very important anniversary this July. Founded in 2018 as the first data science consulting company in Macedonia with 100% Macedonian investment capital, it had very ambitious goals: to invest in the local economy, start educating the Macedonian business community and influence the expansion of the Data Science field in Macedonia. Today, we can proudly say that we successfully completed all of them and accomplished our initial goals and mission. But, on our fourth anniversary, we can say that we are just getting started. 


These past four years speak about everything we accomplished, the complex projects we completed, and the overall growth in every aspect of our work. Looking back, while also looking forward, we are celebrating this anniversary with a large team that is constantly expanding (50+ team members), 60+ projects (domestic and international), and 400+ students that have completed their studies at our Academy


Speaking about the early beginnings, one of our co-founders and CEO, Filip Petrovski, points out that the company successfully surpassed all of the challenges during the initial shock of the Covid-19 pandemic and that precisely those moments of uncertainty elevated the company to rise to a higher level. 


„We have felt the initial shock from the pandemic very strongly due to many projects stopping, but we managed to reorganize and completely change our client base. The goal was to keep the team, in which we succeeded. The first step in fulfilling our vision was for us to become the biggest company counting by people and projects in the field of Data Science in Macedonia, and I can confirm that the goal has been accomplished.“



We set big goals for ourselves from the early beginnings. Among them are raising awareness of the importance of data and building partnerships in Macedonia with local leaders on the market in various domains for implementing cutting-edge solutions in Business Intelligence, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning. Through the Academy and local partnerships, we shared our knowledge with individuals and companies while also transferring that knowledge to international projects and building up professionals with capabilities that make them competitive and able to set trends. 


On the topic of constant improvement, we also talked with Martina Naumovska, partner and the first Machine Learning expert at Data Masters. Her return from Portugal to Macedonia contributed to opening a new dimension in the company. She points out that everything started with the mutual vision to create a department that will work on interesting projects and new technologies that will pave the way for the new generations.


„In the last three and a half years, the Machine Learning department at Data Masters advanced in technical knowledge. At the same time, we started developing new knowledge and staff in the MLOps and Data Engineering. I have to point out that the progress in this sector is due to the tremendous work of our colleagues and the trust we have with our clients and partners. I am very proud of the fact that the team that started in this department up until this day is grasping to become better and stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.“




The innovative approach of Data Masters is a combination of consulting, implementation, and education with a focus on the technical side and also on the business side through the work in specific domains, which all in all gives tremendous benefits to our clients (locally and internationally). This way, they get state-of-the-art solutions tailor-made for their needs. At the same time, we enable them to build their internal people to understand the solution and become a vital part of the digital transformation process in their companies. Our methodology, as our main product, gave us a competitive edge and opened doors for getting big and influential clients in their respective fields. We are glad that we are making serious steps towards expansion in Western Europe, the first stop being Portugal. 


But, what is the biggest differentiator that makes Data Masters stand out? We talked about this with Darko Velkov, one of our Co-founders and Head of Sales.


„When communicating with our foreign collaborators, we notice that our motivation is quite recognizable. Very often they point out the fresh energy we bring when establishing big goals for the company. Another advantage is our flexibility and ability to adjust to the clients, creating a collaborative environment that always comes up with a solution. This is truly rare in building mutual business relations.“


The whole management team is unanimous that we are just getting started. The goals that we’ve accomplished in the last four years motivated us to set up even bigger ones for ourselves. The biggest one is establishing Macedonia as a country that develops top-notch talents in the field of Data Science. Also, we want to bring international knowledge and experience from Portuguese experts that will also be mentors of the team we are already building in Macedonia.


„The biggest success of Data Masters is the people and the team that is leading the company going forward. We succeeded in educating and influencing the market so that almost everyone is aware of what Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are. The companies are interested in how this can help them in their daily operations, and many people with analytical capabilities are interested in working in this field, something that was rare when we started back in 2018“ – says the CEO of Data Masters, Filip Petrovski.