Data Masters at DIS: A Story of Energy and Authenticity

Data Innovation Summit 2024

Your Data. AI Ready. 

All your data. Any cloud. Limitless possibilities. 

Data-driven digital solutions that add business value. 

Moving data. Powering innovation. 

Data whispers. AI listens.

As I sit in the coffee lounge of the 2024 Data Innovation Summit in Stockholm, surrounded by the messaging of the most prominent and influential companies in the data world, gathering all of the impressions is nothing less than challenging. From the biggest trendsetters presenting the latest advancements in Gen AI to brands that develop and sell unique platforms to companies trying to show their originality, it was all there around me.  

But where does Data Masters fit among these global leaders and influencers on the market?

It’s all about telling your story in the right way. Everybody appreciates authenticity. Quoting Seth Godin from one of his many amazing outlooks on marketing, curiously called “This is Marketing.” He says: “Marketing is the act of making change happen. Making is insufficient. You haven’t made an impact until you’ve changed someone.” This quote perfectly aligns with what we tried to share in the present before the highly experienced crowd at the Data Innovation Summit in Stockholm.

“The first step on the path to make things better is to make better things. But better isn’t only up to you. Better can’t happen in a vacuum.”  As I follow Godin’s genius train of thought, I can understand that we, out of instinct, replicated his point of view. 

“We are a consulting company that provides end-to-end solutions, focusing on education and implementation to provide true business value through data democratization.” The better, in our case, are the people. Data Masters isn’t all about technology—it’s about the people. Anyone can learn to use any tool. But change is driven from within—from the business and its needs. 

As we presented our concept of data democratization – we were greeted by the smiling and curious faces of the people who approached our booth. They were an incredible variety of experts representing all types of companies. From the biggest players like Google, Microsoft, and Ericsson to proven service providers like Snowflake, Cloudera, and Databricks, to firms like Dawiso and Data Masters who are growing and penetrating the Nordic market – all were there, together on the floor at Kistamasan, all wanting to hear something innovative and genuine.

But, to support genuine, you need energy, lots of it. The untiring efforts of the Data Masters crew, translating all the hard work we do to represent in the best possible light the work of every BI developer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and every one of the 50 employees across our offices in Skopje and Lisbon played a pivotal role in getting our message across.

Once again, Hyperight has proven to be an outstanding event organizer, bringing the cream of the crop in the data world in one place. The flawless logistics and operations on the premises allowed everyone and the summit to organize their time and be everywhere they needed to be through Agorify

“We showed up at the highest level. That’s the real interpretation of our energy and desire for success that everyone at Data Masters has. We’ve once again proven to ourselves that we are prepared and have a lot to show for. Our expansion in the Nordics is inevitable – we just have to continue to work as hard as we do now”, says our CEO Filip Petrovski after the Data Innovation Summit.

We continue to showcase our work and present our unique approach at the Data Innovation Summit in Dubai. We hope to see everyone in the network in Stockholm again next year. 

Petar Stavridis
Marketing Specialist @ Data Masters