Data Masters at NDSML: Staying Ahead of the Curve in AI & ML

The Nordic Data Science & Machine Learning Summit was the second part of the three-day agenda of the “Data 2030 Summit and NDSML Summit” in Stockholm. 


There, we had an opportunity to be a part of the Nordic Data Science community, sharing ideas and discussing ways to harness the full potential of Advanced Analytics and AI, as well as exploring the development and maturity of Data Science and AI as a function. 


The Data Masters very own Martin Vasilkovski, Ilija Filipovski, and Mishel Mucunska were part of the expedition the were eager to present our company and the work we do amongst the attendees. 


Ilija, who currently works on Anomaly detection in IoT devices, using big data technologies such as Spark, singled out this experience as unique, saying that these kinds of events are his “bread and butter”. 


“The NDSML Summit as a whole was an amazing escapade. Top-notch organization with great people whom you can learn a lot from. It’s always amazing to connect and network with like-minded individuals from different organizations, who are equally passionate about learning and making a difference in the data science landscape” 


Ilija also adds that he reinforced the notion that the path we are taking as a company is not only the right one but also well-appreciated by our peers.


Mishel Mucunska, who is also a senior Data Scientist and a consultant in Data Masters, spoke about one of the presentations that she found to be most insightful.  


“Danijela Horak’s presentation definitely made quite an impression on me. She provided a detailed examination of the strategies employed by entities such as the BBC to tackle the menace of fake news and deepfake technology. As she delved deeper into the technical aspects of the topic, Danijela highlighted the technical challenges and complexities involved in reaching their goals, which made out to be a thought-provoking session about the importance of technical innovation and vigilance in the ongoing battle against misinformation and synthetic media” said Mishel.