& Data Masters have finalized the mapping of the Macedonian IT industry

itmk-datamasters-industry-mapping, in collaboration with Data Masters, has completed the mapping of the Macedonian IT industry in 2022. It is the second assessment of the IT industry in the country after the one done in 2019. The mapping was done through a survey conducted in June and July this year. Over 2000 people working in IT, marketing, and design contributed with their answers.

The goal of the anonymous survey was to give insights into the industry and answer questions about the average/median income, most used technologies, but also the habits of the professionals working in the three covered industries. The survey results are useful for multiple reasons and can be used in various ways. The information provided by the mapping can be used by the professionals working in the IT industry and those who plan to join it and could be beneficial to the HR/Recruitment sectors of the companies in the IT, marketing, and design sectors.  

 „The motivation behind the mapping, both now and in 2019, was to get better insights into the Macedonian IT industry so that we can see the movements and the development of the industry. As an IT news portal founded over 15 years ago, we constantly faced the challenge where we need more specific references and trends. Of course, there is official data about IT professionals’ salaries from the State Statistical Office (SSO), but what makes the mapping different and interesting are details such as additional income, technologies, and job seniority, but also which are the main obstacles and decisions in the IT career“, says Damjan Dano, founder of

About the decision to collaborate with Data Masters on this project, Damjan says: „For quite some time the team discussed the lack of collaboration between Macedonian IT companies and generally all the players in the sector. We are not talking about PR collaborations without real action, but specific collaborations that produce a final result and can serve as an example. The fact of the matter is: if we want the IT industry in the country to progress, it is time to sit down at the same table and talk about the issues, help each other, and collaborate fairly. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Data Masters. Professional, fair and open – as it should be.“ as a leading portal for the IT industry in Macedonia conducted the survey, whilst Data Masters completed the part of the data processing and data visualization. Our desire to contribute to the industries that are connected to our work was the main motivation to join the mapping.

„As a company, we are always looking for ways to contribute to all the industries that can benefit from our domain knowledge, specifically collecting, analysis, and data visualization. This research is an excellent example of the result you can get when you have a process conducted by the highest standards. We hope that the results are useful for the professionals that work in the domains covered by the mapping and also for the companies that need professionals in these domains“, says Martina Naumovska, partner and Head of the Machine Learning Department in Data Masters.

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