Help us map the Macedonian IT industry ( survey in collaboration with Data Masters)

IT industry Macedonia

Data Masters is taking an important role in the survey campaign that is going to map out the IT industry in Macedonia. 

The anonymous survey aims to present the IT industry in Macedonia, especially the predominant used technologies, trends, preferences, tools, and capabilities of the professionals working in this industry. At the same time, this survey will show the requirements and expectations of the people working in the industry.

Data Masters will process, analyze and visualize the data from the survey that will take place in the following 3-4 weeks. We are thrilled to have such an important role in the survey because we feel that it will benefit both parties: the IT professionals and the companies operating in this domain in Macedonia.

After publishing the results of the survey, the professionals that want or are already working in the IT industry can learn important information on the trends such as technologies, salaries, capabilities, etc., while at the same time, the companies will gain valuable information on the employees’ expectations and needs.

The survey will take place in three phases:

  1. Collecting data through the survey – link to the survey
  2. Data Masters will process the data.
  3. Publishing the results on

Join the survey and help us map the Macedonian IT industry.