The Portugal Experience through Nida’s lenses


Sun, fun, and a familiar feeling of hospitality, mixed with top-notch professionalism and knowledge is how Nida describes her experience of working in Portugal, an opportunity available thanks to Data Masters expansion in that market. As a Business Intelligence Developer, her focus is on Power BI retail projects, additionally, the Data Masters projects based in Portugal provided an opportunity for her to work on cloud technologies. These couple of months her time is spent between Skopje and Lisbon, a benefit that she describes as a one-of-a-kind experience.

The hospitality of Portugal

„The Portuguese remind me of us in many ways, especially in their warm hospitality towards foreigners“ – says Nida, describing her first impressions of Lisbon.  „They are very friendly and love to share their knowledge, which is a very similar approach to ours.“

Portugal is known for their love for tradition, and positive nature, and Nida says you can see that right away from the way they speak about their families, and the time they dedicate to their private lives. And they always find time during the day to take a break from the tasks.

„Just don’t expect to be served right away in a restaurant. It takes time you know :)“

A knowledge-sharing culture & tech hub

If you want to learn new technologies, Portugal is for sure one of the best places to get it. It’s not by chance that it’s described as one of the most important hubs for tech in Europe, especially Lisbon. The startup scene is growing at a much faster pace than Silicon Valley, and in many ways, Lisbon is the right place to be at the moment if you are working in the tech industry. In these last couple of years, the Portuguese government made sure to create the right environment so that businesses and top talent can thrive. That includes perfect infrastructure, quality education (Lisbon has one of the best tech universities in Europe), and laws that help all of this to be accomplished. The great food, nature, and way of living are also contributing factors to the attractiveness of the location, especially for the digital nomads. 

„You can see that Lisbon is thriving in many ways. There are so many businesses and opportunities, but most importantly you can gain valuable knowledge. People here love to share their knowledge. It’s a big plus. Being here as a Data Masters representative is a one-of-a-kind experience I cherish as a BI developer because I can learn and also contribute“, Nida explains.

The perks of working in Portugal

Amazing foods, parties, celebrations, and sightseeing that will impress you, just add to the attractiveness of the place. For example, if you are in Lisbon in June, you will experience Santos Populares, a celebration of Saint Anthony –  the patron saint of Lisbon. It is a period when the whole city is decorated with red and green. 

„It is a very fun experience. People are just living in the moment, and you can see how much it means to them. For me, it was a very unique event that of course, I would love to experience again“, says Nida at the end of our conversation dedicated to experiencing Lisbon through working at Data Masters.