Data Engineer

Data Masters is a company specialized in the field of Data Science. We are a dedicated and passionate team, extremely motivated to address the challenges of any company and help them become Masters of their Data.

Our team members possess knowledge and expertise in Data Warehousing, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, and Analytical Product Development.

We support clients from all over the world, and we would love to welcome new team members that share our passion, mission, and vision.

We are currently looking for a talented Data Engineer who will take on responsibilities in ETL, data organization, track SQL traffic and build queries.

Apply and master your talent with us.


  • You will play a role in design, development, automation, quality, operations for data solutions.
  • You will be part of team-building data and software solutions that enable frictionless data delivery, providing business value to our clients.
  • Develop system test cases and documents results, research system issues, and documents findings.


  • Understanding of database objects (entities, attributes, constraints, relationships, joins, etc.)
  • Strong foundation in data engineering and software design
  • Good logic-building skills
  • Python (2+ years experience)
  • Good knowledge of Hadoop and Spark
  • Feature engineering experience using Pandas, Numpy, SciKit-Learn
  • Experience with cloud computing services like AWS, Azure and creating/maintaining machine learning pipelines on them

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