Data Science is a highly evolving, fast paced field where you can grow your career, learn new things all the time, be aligned with the new technology, improve and make a difference, but not just that. It is a field with lots of opportunities where you can find your field of interest, and focus your skills and attention in specific areas that touch base with data. In today’s world data is the fundamental part that helps business leaders to make decisions, for medicine to improve, marketing sectors to target the right audience… So, in one way or the other, Data Science is present in almost every area of living you can think of.

This created a market for the people that love data. The demand for data scientists is high, and we love to contribute in molding the new generation of Data Scientists who can be the driving force of future progress. What you learn and know is important, but the practical use of that process makes you whole. And we are here to make that happen!

At Data Masters we meticulously approach the process of educating interns, so that as an end result, they can master their talent. Our experience includes working on worldwide projects in fields such as retail, telecommunications, finance and HR. 

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  • Knowledge in relational databases
  • Basic Python or R programming knowledge or SQL
  • Excel knowledge
  • Basic Data Analytics knowledge
  • Understanding of the concept of data warehousing and ETL processes
  • Understanding of basic Machine learning/statistical concepts


  • The internship lasts for 3 months
  • Work and learn alongside experienced data science professionals.
  • Possibility of using limited access state-of-the-art technologies


The internship program at Data Masters includes theoretical learning with hands-on (international) experience, so that at the end of the program you know what it looks like to work on a real project. You will receive guidance and knowledge from highly experienced professionals in the company, and a huge support on the way from the whole team around you.

Responsibilities as a data science intern may include:

  • Passing data science introductory course and project
  • Understanding customer requirements
  • Development of data analytics and visualization for customer request
  • Development of benchmarking models and feature selection


Zorica Karapancheva

„Data Engineering is a domain that I am interested in, but it is not included in my faculty program. Data Masters provided me with an opportunity for a professional upgrade of my knowledge through dedicated mentorship. I am pleasantly surprised by the team-friendly approach and the warm atmosphere at the office.“ 

Milan Stojanovski

„My adaptation in the company went fast and easy. At the beginning I learned how to manage and extract data through SQL, which taught me that in order to get to the right conclusion, it’s really important to ask the right questions. This helps develop the skills for logical thinking. Then I learned how to connect data in Power BI. A huge benefit is that I had an opportunity to apply the knowledge on a real project and see how it looks like to work with clients.“

Dushko Avramoski

„I had the opportunity to get an insight on how the skills I have gained can be applied on various projects with different business backgrounds, through simulation of working on real projects. That’s where I believe I have succeeded to connect what I have learned with the practical implementation. The internship was an excellent foundation for future work on real life projects.“

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