Data Warehouse design for patient case engagement platform


A Swedish software development company offering pharmaceutical companies a cloud-based and easy-to-use patient case engagement platform was experiencing data inconsistency. The company stores the data in a PostgreSQL JSON database used for analytics and dashboarding in their application.

The existing data structure didn’t allow business users to create ad-hoc reports and as a result, they wasted too much time creating Excel analysis and reporting.


We have built an analytical  infrastructure that allows:

  • Integration of the data sources into a Data Warehouse Model
  • Integration of the Data Warehouse Model into dashboarding solutions where the end users will perform analytics
  • Implementation of the current existing dashboards in a BI tool

The solution was supported by AWS tools such as AWS Glue, AWS Step Function, and Amazon Redshift to support the architecture.


The Data Warehouse solution allows businesses and customers to define new metrics and create new ad-hoc reports in a simple way.