Development of Data lake

Real estate Performance


A leading UK software company specializing in real estate performance faced a significant data challenge. They struggled to aggregate vast amounts of data from diverse sources, which is essential for their decision-making and AI modeling. With a daily influx of 10 million data points from six distinct sources, the challenge was not just data collection, but also structured and scalable utilization of this wealth of information.


To address this multifaceted data challenge, Data Masters constructed a comprehensive solution rooted in the principles of the Data Vault methodology. We undertook building an AWS Data Lake, using Amazon Web Services to create an architecture that would accommodate the influx of data and provide the necessary infrastructure for rapid querying, streamlined modeling, and business intelligence (BI) solutions.

We used a two-step approach to engineer a Data Warehouse (DWH) following the Data Vault Methodology to serve as the foundation for data storage and management. On top of this strong base, we constructed an Analytical Layer specially designed for fast KPI processing and reporting, making it possible for the client to extract insights quickly.


Deploying our AWS Data Lake initiated a new era of data management for our client, accelerating data processing, facilitating reporting, and improving modeling capabilities. The 10 million daily data points from diverse sources were no longer an impediment but a valuable resource. With a holistic view of their data, the client made better-informed decisions and reinforced the AI modeling capability of their platform.

Our implementation solved the client’s immediate data challenges and positioned them for scalability, agility, and competitiveness in the real estate performance software market. The AWS Data Lake architecture, designed with precision and expertise, demonstrated our commitment to data excellence.