Business Optimization

with Truck Loading Prioritization Algorithm


A leading US bottling company faced the complex challenge of optimizing truck loading and balancing customer service levels and operational expenses. Traditional loading methods often resulted in inefficiencies and detention exposure, impacting service quality and costs.


To address the multifaceted challenge of truck loading, we designed and developed a sophisticated algorithm. This innovative solution aimed to optimize customer service levels holistically and minimize operational expenses by prioritizing truck loading based on specific criteria.

Key components

  • Algorithm Development: The design and development of a sophisticated truck-loading prioritization algorithm.
  • Holistic Optimization: The algorithm sought to optimize both customer service levels and operational expenses.
  • Real-World Scenarios: The tool incorporated real-world scenarios to guarantee efficiency upon deployment.


The development of the truck loading prioritization algorithm represented a significant step forward for the client. Once fully operational, this tool redefined how trucks are loaded, ensuring optimal service levels and cost efficiency while mitigating detention exposure. Initial tests in June 2023 demonstrated a notable 65% reduction in detention exposure.