Tailor-Made Self-Service Solution

Empowering Data-Driven Enterprises


Companies in different industries face a common challenge, effectively using their data for better decision-making throughout the whole organization. Many businesses struggle with the implementation of Self-Service Data Visualization tools that provide autonomous data usage to business users because the main challenge is not only technical but also managerial. 

The challenge in every project is addressing both aspects, using the right type of consultants that can temporarily act as an Analytical Bridge between Business and IT and potentially mentoring and growing internal people in the project to continue being the bridge between the technical and the business challenges.


Data Masters provides a practical methodology for collaboratively co-creating customized Self-Service Analytical solutions that match your specific requirements or implementing Machine Learning models directly improving the efficiency of the business process. 

Our approach combines consulting, implementation, and mentoring, making it easier for your organization to transition into a data-driven enterprise. With our methodology used in over 10 projects across different domains, we follow industry standards and best practices to give you a modern framework that unlocks your data’s full potential.


Leveraging our experience and domain expertise in banking, telecommunications, insurance, and retail, we’ve successfully delivered over 10 Self-Service Analytics projects to different sectors. 

Our clients have achieved significant results with implementing our unique methodology. In each project, we’ve empowered business users across departments to adopt a Self-Service approach, allowing them to independently utilize their data, enriching it with outputs from models and effectively improving many of their business processes.


Profitability and targeted sales offerings and marketing are at the core of our deliverables across different sectors. However, specifically In the retail sector, clients improved inventory management, implemented personalized marketing, and increased customer satisfaction. Insurance companies gained insights into policyholders, streamlined claims processing, and enhanced customer service. Meanwhile, a telecom marketing department achieved more efficient campaigns, reduced customer churn, and increased profitability. 

These achievements highlight the impact of tailored, data-centric solutions across various industries.