Smart Scraper

Improving WEB page information extraction


E-Commerce companies face a significant challenge in extracting information from websites. Manual scraping, the traditional method, was time-consuming, resource-intensive, and lacked scalability and accuracy. A solution to automate web page information extraction was needed.


In response to the industry’s urgent need, Data Masters introduced the Smart Scraper, a groundbreaking deep learning model that represents the cutting edge of AI technology. This state-of-the-art AI model was precisely crafted to navigate any HTML page with ease, understanding its intricate structure and content. With incredible accuracy, it recognizes and extracts important information from web pages, improving data collection.

Key Features

  • Deep Learning Architecture: Using advanced deep learning techniques to process and interpret web page content with incredible sophistication.
  • Multi-Language Support: The Smart Scraper was rigorously tested on a diverse dataset of 20,000 samples in four languages: French, Italian, English, and German, demonstrating its adaptability and versatility.


  • Image Extraction: Achieved a remarkable 98.7% image extraction accuracy rate.
  • Price Extraction: Accomplished a respectable 68% accuracy rate for price extraction.
  • Product Name Extraction: Attained a 72% accuracy rate for product name identification.
  • Description Extraction: Performed with a competitive 60% accuracy rate for description extraction.
  • Availability Extraction: Acquired a 53% accuracy rate for availability status detection.