About Data Masters

About Data Masters

Who we are

Who we are


Data Masters is one of the largest data science consultancy companies in South-Eastern Europe. 

We are exclusively focused on creating Data-Driven and Data-Centric companies that can adopt Machine Learning in their operations and business processes.

We provide projects that enable business users in all departments to adopt the Self-Service paradigm and autonomously use the data they have. We are ready to deliver and advise on any data-specialized and business-oriented issues.

Our Expertise

With our experience in the area and domain knowledge in banking, telco, insurance, and retail, we can deliver Self-Service Analytics to any sector, combining different experiences in Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

  • Data Science
  • Big Data Concepts/Technologies
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Visualization

Use Cases

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Fraud Detection
  • Churn Prediction
  • Process Mining
  • Data Warehousing in Retail, Banking, Insurance
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Lakehouse Modeling

Mission and vision


We Walk the Walk With You

Our mission is to help create strong companies and a data community that will be the driving force of future progress. One of our most prominent commitments is to help companies develop a workforce that will successfully respond to future data management challenges. We pour our knowledge to make you and your team stronger, and we walk the walk with you!


Be the Master of Your Data

Data Masters provides solutions to your data-driven challenges. Our approach is to see the challenge, understand it, and make it easy for you to implement a solution – so you can truly become the master of your data!


We Work to Win


Reliability is a vital part of our work. We take pride in our ability to put ourselves in the client’s shoes, constantly delivering new and improved solutions, raising our standards, and always being there when needed.


We work driven by the saying: Honesty is the best policy. We will provide every piece of information for you, giving you insights into what we do for you.


Reliability is a vital part of our work. Our core team has international experience from working on many different projects around the world. We bring fresh ideas and the highest quality to the table and dedication that will meet and exceed your expectations.


Working with us means that you have a stable and reliable partner for any kind of challenge. Every project and client has equal importance, and we take personal responsibility to deliver the commitments that we make towards you.


We either do things up to the highest standards or don’t do them at all. That is why we always have the best results in everything we do.

Our team