After four years of shaping the data-driven reality by working on world-class projects from our Skopje office, in 2022 we decided to expand our presence by opening an office in sunny Lisbon. The move here was a natural step for the company as most of the core team has acquired their education and work experience in Portugal, so we know the market by heart.

Why Lisbon?

With a portfolio of 60+ projects (domestic and international), a growing team of 50+ experts in their respective fields, and a strong pipeline of new exciting projects, the company has marked itself in a new business territory by bringing its expertise but also expanding the team with Portuguese experts in Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence.

The benefit of working closely with the clients with occasional visits is of tremendous value for mutual cooperation and getting the best results. We already have experience working with Portuguese clients and our experience confirms that this approach is highly effective for both sides.

Miguel Amaral (Manager)

Portugal and the city of Lisbon are ranked as the best place in the world to work remotely. The weather is legendary, and the light is uniquely Lisbon. There is a rich culture, developed infrastructure, sustainable transport options, low rental prices, high-quality schools and universities, and world-class tech talent. The city boasts more than 250 days of sunshine a year and is close to a stunning coastline of beautiful beaches and natural scenery. All this, together with the affordable cost of living and its laid-back lifestyle and vibrant streets, makes Lisbon a city worth working!

Much of Data Masters DNA comes from Portugal, which makes its understanding and adaptation to the Portuguese market happen naturally. The knowledge of the Portuguese business reality, helped by international experience, makes our potential there enormous.

Therefore, in my opinion, opening an office in Lisbon was a very smart move to do.