The story of Data Masters was born in Skopje in 2018. It started in a small office with a bunch of enthusiasts that wanted to raise awareness of Data Science in Macedonia, help Macedonian companies in their digital transformation by leveraging the power of data and also work on world-class projects at the same time. A year later, as part of the idea of raising awareness, educating, and knowledge sharing we opened the first Data Science Academy in Macedonia which in the timespan of 4 years has educated 450+ students through curriculums curated by our team members who are also lecturers at the Academy.

As the team grew bigger, we established ourselves at a new address on Bul. Partizanski Odredi where 50+ people work together to achieve the company mission and vision. Our Skopje office is where we grow talent, develop teams, and nearshore complex international Data Science projects, supported by mentors from our office in Portugal.

Martina Naumovska (Partner)

Our Skopje office is the heart of Data Masters. In this office, we create a state of the art solutions, “raise” consultants and give opportunities to people in the Balkan region to work on world-class projects and solutions. To most of us, Skopje is home, and Macedonia is the country where we want to give more to the people and to the companies operating here from one side and show the world that people from this side of the world are equally capable and compatible.