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Alek Velkov is one of the employees that has gone through the whole Data Masters process & methodology of building top-notch professionals. 

The short story is that he got his start by visiting the training Data Modeling and Business Intelligence, followed by an internship that progressed into him becoming a permanent member of our team. Now, Alek is working as a BI developer on a telecommunication project, but we will let him describe the entire Data Masters journey.

First Impressions & Steps in Data Masters

This is a “way back when“ type of question 🙂 I would describe it like this – I got introduced to the idea of Data Masters when it was a small startup with a specific mission and vision. It consisted of a couple of ambitious people, and I got the opportunity to work with them. I remember those first days at the company as a challenge because I wanted to work in the IT sector. I also vividly remember the friendly attitude of my colleagues, their willingness to help, and the fun we had socializing after working hours.

What once was a startup with a big idea became a very innovative company filled with dedicated people who have sustained a friendly attitude and a high level of professionalism. I would say that that is one of the biggest traits of Data Masters. 

Company Growth

If we speak numbers, when I joined the company, the number of employees was around 15 people, and now it has over 50 people. It was wonderful to see the company changing and growing. The growth was steady and at a very good pace, not just when it comes to new team members, but also new projects. We have accomplished gaining the trust of major international and domestic Macedonian clients. And that speaks a lot about where the Data Masters is headed. I would say that in the past four years, the company has grown thanks to the persistence and ambition of the team behind the Data Masters story.

Challenges during the Pandemic

I joined the company, I would say, during the most challenging period, right when the COVID pandemic happened. The uncertainty that COVID brought halted projects with international clients, but interestingly resulted in cooperation with plenty of reputable Macedonian companies. The work didn’t stop. We continued with full force and managed to grow even then, which is a result of the tremendous work of our management team. The work was different for us the employees because we had to adjust to working from home. Now things are going back to usual, which is great to see.

Training and Internship

First of all, I attended the first data modeling and business intelligence training in 2019. That was my first contact with the world of data. Through the practical exercises and motivation from the lecturers, I realized that this is the work I want to do in the future. 

I gained valuable experience by working on marketing and retail projects. These projects gave me an insight into how marketing and sales work as a process in a company.

Thanks to the selfless help of my mentors, I learned many new things in the field of Business Intelligence and successfully coped with new challenges.

Technologies and Tools

By working on different projects, I had the opportunity to learn new technologies. When I was working on a marketing project, I was working in Power BI or specifically on creating dashboards. When it comes to other projects, such as telco, I am focused on working with Oracle, SSMS, and SSIS.

Project Preferences

I don’t think I could single out one domain because every project and every business has its beauty and challenges. In every project, we learn new tools and new technologies that develop us into successful consultants. One of the most valuable experiences we gain by working on different projects as a team is understanding the business problem and providing the client with a solution.

Client Relationships

I think that dedication and patience is the most crucial thing in that dynamic because that’s the only way we can get the best results. 

Every project has its challenges for both parties. The adjustment process is very normal, and the faster it stabilizes, the better. That being said, I feel that we have developed trust with every client we’ve worked with, and I am proud to be part of a team that delivers.

Data Masters Hallmarks

Smart business solutions and efficient problem-solving are Data Masters hallmarks. The enthusiasm of the employees and the correct attitude towards the clients make Data Masters a complete and modern company.

Importance of Team Cooperation

In my opinion, the team and cooperation with colleagues are one of the most crucial things in a company. If the team collaborates smoothly, that reflects in their work. You can see it by the result the team has. I would describe the collaboration with my team as excellent, and I can honestly say that I consider them my friends.

Personal Interests & Hobbies

I have loved music since I was a child. In my teenage days, I first started playing music at private parties and producing. My style of music is melodic techno.

The steady growth of Data Masters is thanks to the persistent and ambitious team that is involved in our story.

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