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In the world of data science and consultancy, professionals face unique challenges and opportunities. For Mishel Mucunska, the path to becoming an international data science consultant at Data Masters was exciting and transformative, leading to many rewarding experiences that she eagerly talks about.

Read Mishel’s story, learn more about her experiences working with global clients, and get a new valuable perspective from an accomplished professional.

How it all started

During my university days, as I enrolled in various engineering subjects and explored different areas, it became evident that my career path would deviate from my initial focus on automation and robotics. 

It was during my coursework in data science that I discovered a profound attraction to the world of data, primarily because of its blend of science and engineering, practical application, and multifaceted domain nature. To me, this transition felt entirely natural, and I pursued this new path with eagerness and determination. 

During that time, I briefly worked as a developer due to limited opportunities in my preferred field and it was then when a university friend, Ilija Filipovski, who is now a colleague of mine, introduced me to Data Masters.

Beginnings at Data Masters

Ever since I joined Data Masters, I have been very content with the company culture and the professional development opportunities it offers. As a result, right from the beginning, I was steered toward consultancy projects, which allowed me to start cultivating a consultant’s mindset. Alongside technical projects, I had the valuable chance to work on consultancy assignments that involved in-depth exploration of business aspects before technical development, leading to the creation of comprehensive tailor-made solutions that make the client happy. 🙂

What does it mean to be a consultant?

In the field of data, consultancy is known for its intricacies, primarily involving the task of understanding and proposing solutions to clients’ problems. Simply put, it’s about efficiently resolving client challenges.

As time passed, my experiences at Data Masters have given me the chance to collaborate with international teams and serve global clients with advanced technologies and extensive teams. This exposure has expanded my understanding and I’ve come to realize that consultancy encompasses several other important aspects, such as having a client-centric approach, effective problem-solving, combining technical and non-technical expertise in diverse teams, and effective communication on both high and low technical levels. 

Most importantly, consultants differentiate themselves from traditional development teams by taking a holistic approach to problem-solving. A consultant aims to grasp the full scope of the business story and customizes solutions to meet the client’s distinct requirements, whereas traditional development often follows established guidelines (which can also be essential for specific projects).

The most important thing for a consultant is…

Active listening, adaptability, assertiveness, and multidisciplinary line of thought.

An anecdote in the context of banking, it means being a good listener, knowing your science well, but also, business, and even mixing mathematics and regulations for deploying explainable data science models.

Life of a Consultant

The life of a consultant can be dynamic, challenging, and rewarding. It is definitely marked by its unique challenges and the need for huge dedication. It all begins with a thorough exploration of a client’s business and data landscape that involves data gathering, cleaning, and preprocessing to unveil valuable insights. Equipped with statistical models and machine learning algorithms, consultants develop data-driven solutions to address specific business challenges.

The real challenge for consultants extends beyond technical knowledge. It also involves navigating the complexities of mixed cultures, diverse teams, and intricate management hierarchies. Consultants work closely with cross-functional teams, acting as a bridge between data science and actionable strategies, aiding organizations in resolving their shortcomings, mitigating risks, making informed decisions, and/or achieving their predefined objectives.

In this dynamic field, data science consultants adapt to new technologies and methodologies, while at the same time navigating a plethora of meetings and business travel. 

You can almost always find a consultant going the extra mile, both figuratively and literally, such as working on a plane, underscoring the commitment to delivering tangible solutions, no matter the circumstances. 

From what I’ve experienced, having worked with large international clients in the field of financial crime, consultants bring a wealth of experience and a global perspective to their prevention efforts, reflecting their dedication to delivering effective data-driven insights on a global scale. This holistic approach not only combats financial crime but also fosters cooperation and synergy within diverse teams and organizations.

Personal Overview

My experience with global companies has highlighted the complexity and demands of my career, challenging my understanding of my knowledge and capabilities. It emphasizes the importance of continuous and fast learning while being open to stepping into the unfamiliar. 

In consulting, existing technology knowledge matters less; what’s crucial is your ability to quickly learn and adapt to new tools and methods. It’s a field that can reveal qualities you didn’t know you had, to name a few: it requires your best in terms of sharpness, adaptability, flexibility, dedication, and analytical skills. Consultancy pushes you to bring out your best work ethic and skills and embrace the ever-changing nature of the profession, making it a real journey of professional growth.

Mishel’s advice

My advice is applicable to all professionals, not just those in IT or Data Science.

For new joiners: you are not expected to have it figured out. Being open to learning and striving to become better is highly valued in our field. So, don’t hesitate to seek feedback, ask for help, and explore new directions in your career that sound appealing to you. 

Data Masters, particularly Martina’s guidance, mentoring, and trust, deserve special recognition for significantly pushing my career forward. Her support was pivotal, allowing me to explore this path and collaborate with big international names.

The knowledge-sharing mindset between the employees is one of the most important components in the Data Masters growth and success in the past five years.

If you want to work on world-class projects with experienced professionals and you are not afraid to make mistakes (we learn and grow together), you are the perfect fit for us.

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