Tailor- Made
Retail Dashboard

Use data generated from your retail business for profitable decision-making.

Tailor- Made Retail Dashboard

Use Data generated from your Retail business for profitable decision-making

Retail insights Dashboard made in Microsoft POwer Bi

Make decisions based on data!

measure the impact and quality of your retail service based on different metrics

Holistic view

Sales, Inventory, Products & Employees

Gain a holistic view of your retail operations with our Overview page, which provides a high-level summary of key insights and facilitates strategic data-based decisions for your retail business.

Stores performance

Monitor Performance by Location

Explore the performance of individual store locations, see net sales by month, gross profit by month, % gross margin by month, QTY sold by month, and more, and optimize your strategy according to geographic location.     


Improve Discount Impact

Evaluate the impact of your discount strategies on sales and profitability. See total discounts given by month, net sales by discount range, top-performing discounts, and net sales & discount distribution.

Price volume mix

Maximize Profitability

Fine-tune your pricing strategy, understand key factors affecting business performance, and optimize margins and product mix to maximize profitability.

Inventory summary and details

Improved Inventory Optimization

A well-structured dashboard can help your business optimize inventory and reduce associated costs by providing real-time insights into inventory value, turnover, quantity, age of stocking, and many other important metrics. 

Employee performance

Track Employee Performance

Your workforce is a key asset. This dashboard provides insights into employee performance and activity, measuring net sales per salesman by month, transactions per salesman, and ATV per salesman. 

Product performance

See Key Product Performance

Dive into accurate key performance information about specific categories, subcategories, and products: gross profit by month and brand, top 10 products by gross profit, etc.

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