Self-service analytics

Transform your organization through a unique methodology.

  • Advisory and Consulting
  • Tailor-Made Data Modeling
  • End-to-end AI & ML Implementation
  • Data Fluency Trainings

Self-service analytics

Transform your organization through a unique methodology.


Our methodology helps businesses address the biggest challenges, such as redundant reports, data-driven business decision-making and processes supported by Machine Learning, and taking the first steps towards Prescriptive modeling. This approach also allows us to address challenges such as lack of documentation, lack of opportunity for fast ad-hoc analysis, and slow generation of reports for a long time interval. Also, it solves the problem that emerges when there are too many spreadsheets, but no visualizations. The solution’s final benefits are the single source of truth and the predefined filters.

What we deliver

Data Democratization

Data is accessible to everyone in the organization under strict security measures, which allows business users to use the data they need.


The data is modelled in a tailor-made way, adapted for ad-hoc analysis that provides flexibility in answering important questions.


Quick and agile way of monitoring the business and understanding the main challenges, enabling fast reactions from decision-makers.


No repetitive tasks - analysts are focused on the analysis of data and supporting the decision-making process in the company.

our methodology

Our work methodology combines consulting, education, and implementation.

Consulting involves tailoring the best possible solution for the company, defining the best data strategies for the client, and prioritizing the execution.

Education, an integral part of Data Masters, is a combination of workshops and sessions with the business users and provides both acceptance and early feedback so that the users may incrementally gain as much knowledge as possible from the solution.  

Finally, the third piece of the puzzle is the implementation, where our consultants will “walk the talk” and deliver the best practices on the market in terms of solution design, architecture, and processes to each client.

Case study

Tailor-Made Self-Service BI Solution

An approach that combines consulting, implementation, and mentoring, enabling your organization to transition into a data-driven enterprise.

With our methodology being used in over 10 projects across different domains, we follow industry standards and best practices to give you a modern framework that unlocks your data’s full potential.